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Meet FFAC Lifeguard Lea Cummins

Your age and grade you will be in school next year? 16, senior

What is your job at FFAC? How many years have you done this job? I’m a first-year lifeguard!

What do you enjoy most about your summer job? I like seeing people do interesting and unexpected things and the breaks we get every hour. Lol!

What else do you enjoy doing in the summer months? I looooove to stay out all night, do spontaneous things like do a car wash and stand on the outside or play paint twister, and get a good tan. (Lifeguarding gives you the worst tans, by the way!)

What’s the most important thing you learned in your training for this job? The most important thing was from the training where I gained a lot of strength in the muscles I hadn’t thought would’ve been used in saving lives, and that strength definitely helped me in more areas than just our pool. They’ve helped in lakes and at Adventureland too!

Do you have a favorite item at the concession stand? Anything in there is bound to be better than Noah Mill’s gallon of milk every day! ?

If you’re a lifeguard, do you have a favorite station? Yes!! My number-one option would be the top of the slides if it’s busy because I like social interaction OR it would be the lap lanes because I get to test kids for their deep-end pass.

What do you say to kids most often when you’re working? Besides the ever obvious, “walk please,” I’d say the second most used phrase would be, “Don’t shove people’s heads underwater, ok??”

FFAC is in its 20th season of operation – do you think it’s still a great place to enjoy time? No. Absolutely not. Just kidding! I think that kids really enjoy it because we have so many daily regulars that if it wasn’t a good place, they would’ve gotten bored of it already!

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