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Meet FFAC Lifeguard Payton Mosinski

What is your age and year in school? I’m 16 and a junior.

Who are your parents? Donna Mosinski and Mike Mosinski

How long have you been a lifeguard? This is my first year.

What do you like best about working at FFAC? I enjoy working with the community and with people I know.

What else do you enjoy doing in the summer? Fishing and hanging out with friends

Do you have any siblings who work at FFAC? Yes, my sister Sydney is also a lifeguard.

What is the most valuable thing you learned during your lifeguard training? CPR

What is your favorite concession stand item? The Gatorade protein bars

What is your favorite lifeguard station at FFAC? The drop slide

What do you say to kids most often when you’re working? I answer for them what I want to see them do off the diving board… because they ask.

FFAC is in its 20th season of operation – do you think it’s still a great place to enjoy time? Yes. It’s a fun place for everyone. There is something to do no matter what your age.

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