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Meet FFAC Lifeguard Sydney Mosinski

Your age and grade you’ll be in school? I am 17 years old and I will be a freshman at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

Who are your parents? My parents are Donna Mosinski and Mike Mosinski.

What is your job and how long have you done this? I am a Lifeguard at FFAC and this is my second year.

What do you enjoy most about this job? The thing I enjoy the most about my summer job is interacting with the little kids and getting to swim on breaks.

What else do you enjoy doing in the summer months? I like to play softball and volleyball and spend time with my family and friends.

Do you have siblings who have worked for Parks and Rec? Yes, my brother is a first-year lifeguard.

What’s the most important thing you learned in training for this job? The most important thing that I learned in the training for this job is to always be prepared and aware of the situation.

Do you have a favorite item at the concessions stand? Ice cream sandwiches.

As a lifeguard, what is your favorite station? My favorite station would probably be at the top of the slides or at the diving well.

What do you say most often to kids when you are working? Something that I say to kids most often would be to ‘walk instead of run’ and to ‘not hang on the ropes.’

FFAC is in its 20th season of operation – do you think it’s still a great place to enjoy time? I think that FFAC is a great place to swim and spend time in the summer! The pool is a family-friendly place that is great for spending your summer days.

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