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Nevada Fire Department focuses on senior population with safety strips campaign

As part of its Community Risk Reduction efforts, the Nevada Fire Department will be handing out FREE shower strips to older individuals and asking that they place the strips in their showers and/or bathtubs to improve the likelihood of them not slipping or falling while bathing.

“Slips, trips and falls are our No. 1 most frequent call for service,” said Jessica Melton, the Department’s Community Risk Reduction Officer.

Thanks to a $500 grant received through Memorial Lutheran Church’s grant program, the Nevada Fire Department was able to work with Menards to purchase 24 packages of shower strips. The strips, which are adhesive on one side, are ideal for applying to the base of your shower or bathtub. They provide surface texture to help prevent slips.

“We wanted to do something this year to focus specifically on the safety of our senior community,” Fire Chief Ray Reynolds said.

Each older resident in need of these simple, but very important, shower strips will receive eight strips. If you are a Nevada resident, age 60 or older, who could benefit from a set of shower strips, please come to the Nevada Fire Station, 935 Lincoln Highway, between the hours of 7 and 9 p.m. on either Wednesday, Sept. 15, or Wednesday, Sept. 29, to receive them.

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