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Sidewalk Program

Sidewalks are an integral part of the transportation system for the City of Nevada. Nevada is a pedestrian-friendly community. Sidewalks provide a safe location for pedestrian traffic for all ages of citizens. School children utilize the sidewalks to travel to and from school. They allow walking and jogging while being safely separated from vehicular traffic. Without sidewalks the intermingling of foot traffic and vehicular traffic would greatly increase the chances for serious injuries to both the pedestrian as well as the motorist.

Pursuant to City Code Section 136.04 and Iowa Code Section 364.12(2), property owners are responsible for maintaining the public sidewalks abutting their property. Likewise, cities are responsible for inspecting these public ways to make sure property owners are fulfilling their responsibility and taking corrective action if sidewalks are not properly maintained.

The City has established a sidewalk program to improve the quality of sidewalks in the City of Nevada. This program provides a means of reviewing the condition of existing sidewalks throughout the City. This program will be available strictly for those served sidewalk repair notices by the City, and is first-come, first-serve for these persons. No more funds can be allocated after the year’s budget has been exhausted.

Program FAQs

The State Code of Iowa (Chapter 364.12 and 364.13) and City Code places on each property owner the responsibility for repair and maintenance of sidewalks. More important, however, is the fact that courts have held property owners responsible for injuries when people have fallen on defective sidewalks.

The enclosed Sidewalk Repair Survey Form and City Standards for Defective Sidewalks sheet show the work needed the location and specific reason for repair. Please contact the Engineering Division, Construction Observation if you need assistance interpreting the work required on the sidewalk.

No. All concrete used for sidewalk replacement must be a commercially produced IDOT Figure C mix design.

The sidewalk is to be 4” thick, except through drives where it is to be 6” thick and separated by 1/2” expansion on all sides but the street side where 1” of expansion is to be used.

Caulking or sealant is not permitted to repair cracks. Cracked sidewalks must be replaced.

Mud jacking is permitted for these repairs unless the area of repair is also cracked (Figure D) or spawled (Figure E), then it must be replaced. Raised sidewalks must be properly supported with stable suitable fill material. No grinding of Figure A will be permitted.


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