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City leaders and DOT officials share more information on Highway 30 proposed projects at Nevada

This morning’s Community Coffee video goes over the plans for changes to the Highway 30 corridor at Nevada.

We encourage every resident to re-watch the video on our City of Nevada, IA Facebook page, to gain a full understanding of what is planned at Nevada. The slides that were shared and the discussion by city and DOT officials offer the best way to understand the project entirely.

We also placed a story about the project on this page earlier in the week, titled “Highway 30/S-14 overpass project scheduled for 2023-2024,” which we encourage you to read.

In a nutshell, the Iowa Department of Transportation has a project planned for 2023-2024 to put a bridge over Highway 30 and permanently close the S-14/Highway 30 at-grade intersection. The driving factor for the project is SAFETY because of the high volume of crashes at that crossing.

By the end of this month, however, the city must make a critical decision about a future interchange project at Nevada. Construction of an interchange could be many years down the road. Still, the decision is necessary now because it affects certain aspects of the plans for the overpass in the upcoming project.

Two interchange proposals are being considered. One would be a diamond interchange at Airport Road. The other would be a folded diamond interchange at the bridge’s location, which is between the present S-14 and Sixth Street intersections.

By listening to the video from this morning’s Community Coffee, you can better understand each possible future interchange’s pros and cons. You can understand how this project will impact you if you live in the southwest quadrant of Nevada. You can also hear from Tony Gustafson of the Iowa DOT about why changes are needed along the Highway 30 corridor.

With the council needing to make a decision soon, public input and questions are encouraged. Please watch for us to post an official survey for questions and comments, coming soon on this page.

Watch our page for continued updates of discussions and decisions affecting the Highway 30 corridor at Nevada.

–Written by Marlys Barker, City of Nevada

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