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Downtown Construction Update

What’s happening this week?

Work continues this week on Blocks 2 and 3 (J to K and K to Lincolnway) to prepare for paving.

Walking through Block 3 this morning, one sees string lines and stakes with markings. What does it all mean?

Shawn Cole, building and zoning administrator, said every marking has a purpose, as does the string line.

“Each stake is a station on the plan,” Cole explained. Pointing out a few of the numbers, written on the stakes, “this tells them where the back of the curb will be, and this where the gutter line will be.”

Another number tells them how far to fill off that stake to get to the top of the gutter line.

It’s a lot of measurements and precision. The string line will work with the equipment as a guide for paving.

In Block 2 this morning, a tractor was in use to disk the soil. The same should be happening in Block 3 by this afternoon, Cole said. Once disked, and dried, that soil will be compacted down again.

What’s ahead next week?

PAVING. Cole said paving of blocks 2 and 3 should start early next week, weather permitting.

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