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New proclamation concerning COVID-19 by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Iowa’s Governor issued a new order effective early this morning. Key parts of that order include:

*When you’re in an indoor public space, and unable to social distance for 15 minutes or longer, masks are required to be worn. The same requirements apply to visitors and employees inside State buildings, and she strongly encouraged other businesses to follow this lead.

*Indoor social, community, business and leisure gatherings or events will be limited to 15 people. Outdoor gatherings will be limited to 30. This includes wedding and funeral receptions, family gatherings, and conventions. This does not restrict gatherings that occur in the workplace as part of normal daily business or government operations.

*With the exception of high school, collegiate, and professional sports, all organized youth and adult sports activities of any size are suspended. This includes basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, swimming, and dance.

*Restaurants and bars are required to close at 10 p.m. and cannot host private gatherings of more than 15 people. Masks must be worn by staff who have direct contact with customers, and customers must wear masks when they are not seated at their table.

*While high school sports and extracurricular activities are not prohibited, spectators at games or events are limited to 2 per student and required to wear a mask.

*Inpatient elective procedures will be reduced by 50%.The governor said all measures will be reassessed in a week, and additional measures could be added based on what is seen with hospital capacity.

You will find the full address of the Governor at this link:

You will find the proclamation itself at this link:file:///C:/Users/mbarker/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/EAW0MH3P/20%2011%2016%20Public%20Health%20Proclamation%20-%202020.11.16.pdf

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