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Main Street Nevada hopeful for another upper level project grant — City Council pledges support

The Nevada City Council on Monday pledged monetary support to another upper-level project on Sixth Street.

Passing Resolution No. 063, means the City declares its intent to provide economic development support to a project at 1104 Sixth St. (the upper level of what many Nevadans remember as the old Tipton’s Drug Store building).

Henry Corbin and Jon Augustus talked about the project and showed photographs of other similar upper-level housing projects that have taken place in communities in Iowa.

The goal is to renovate the upper level of the old Tipton’s building into four fully modernized apartments. A major part of the project will be redoing windows to return them to their original-sized openings. This will be specifically significant in the historic torrent of the building.

Corbin noted that the closest similar project was in nearby Zearing, where an older building was renovated to provide quality upstairs loft living.

Augustus explained that Main Street Nevada is in the pre-application phase for the $100,000 Catalyst Grant at this point. They ask for a $20,000 commitment from the City if the grant is received. This would be the same type of commitment the City gave to the Gatherings upper-level project, which received the Challenge Grant in 2020. The Gatherings project has started.

Corbin said the pre-application is due by the end of this week, and within several weeks, Main Street Nevada should find out if they’ve been invited to continue with a full application.

Written by Marlys Barker, City of Nevada

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